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New York


New York City based Tony Sjöman (Street name Rubin415) was nine years old when he wrote his first graffiti tag. The son of Finnish immigrant workers to Sweden, he was raised in the working class housing projects of Bergsjön in Gothenburg, Sweden. Surrounded by grey concrete and tram tunnels, the walls whispered his name. He grabbed a spray can and set out on a journey that has taken him from the gritty streets and into art galleries in Europe, the US and Asia.

Sjöman has become a staple of the mural art scene of New York City, and beyond. His abstract and geometrical pieces are rooted in traditional graffiti but break the rules of the craft with its muted color palette and Scandinavianly clean lines. The artist has put his trademark on concrete and brick all over the world, from his native Scandinavia to Hong Kong and Miami Art Basel. His works have been featured in NBC News, Vice, New York Post, NY1 News, Juxtapoz as well several of the leading media art outlets.


Day / Night

Rubin415 x UB

Day / Night is the first sculptural artwork by Scandinavian born New York City artist Tony Sjöman. The exquisitely proportioned architectural sculptures come in a black concrete (Night), a raw concrete (Day) and a bonus color edition, titled “Sunset”. The sculptural objects feature a signature trio of recurring elements that are often found in Sjöman's murals and studio works: The concrete base is a tribute to the brutalist surroundings of his childhood. The copper detail is an eulogy to his welder father. The architectural shapes signify the artist's evolution from then and there to here and now.