Mens sana in corpore sano (2019)

(Latin quote for “Healthy mind in a healthy body”)

Martin Gordopelota x UB

50 Editions

Each piece is crafted in 3D printed resin with gold finish, cast resin and 3D printed plaster with matte finish.

10” (25.4cm) H x 5.7” (14.5cm) D x 5.7” (14.5cm) W

2.2 lb (1kg)

US $500


Q & A with Martin Gordopelota

UB: Tell us about your background.

Martin: I’m originally a graphic designer, but now a self-taught painter and muralist.

UB: What is your artistic context / topics?

Martin: I like to paint stuff related to amateur soccer culture.

UB: Why did you decide to work around the trophy and the guy with a crutch?

Martin: Because it is a symbol of a triumph, and the guy in the crutch is more a symbol of vulnerability.

UB: How was process of working in 3D? (since you have been working in 2D)

Martin: It was really fluid since I had the help of Dan from UB. I had super clear idea of the sketch and look and feel. And Dan made possible all details come true.

UB: Ah, thank you. Great to hear. What was the biggest challenge?

Martin: Mostly the small parts. Also some stuff related to height and material.

UB: What is your upcoming plan?

Martin: A solo show in Buenos Aires opening May 4th in Beta Sur. A group show in Los Angeles with Richard Heller Gallery opening May 11th. Other group show in San Francisco in Swim Gallery May 24th. An special group show in Madrid May 31st in La Causa Gallery.

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“Gordopelota literally translates to "fat ball," a perfect connection to the cherubic, cartoon-like sports fans painted by Buenos Aires-based painter and muralist, Martin Gordopelota. Endowed with features that resemble lowbrow, street-centric Botero figures, Gordopelota doesn’t paint the iconic stars or legends of the pitch. His works are colorful depictions of football culture, like comic book versions of Bill Bufords iconic soccer hooligan memoir, Among the Thugs. But these are Argentinian scenes, not European, laced with particular details and elements that speak to a specific fandom and culture on the streets of South America.”

by Evan Pricco of JUXTAPOZ

(Amazing interview by Felipe Pantone!)


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