Gongkan x UB

50 Editions

7.6”(19.3cm) H x 7.6”(19.3cm) W x 5”(12.7cm) D

3D printed resin, cast resin

400 USD (EACH) / 700 USD (SET)

Each piece comes with artist hand-signed Certificate Of Authenticity, a pair of white gloves and 20 mm screws for wall installation.

photo: TIMEOUT Bangkok

photo: TIMEOUT Bangkok

The world has never been cruel. It’s humans that have a way to oppress one another. From discrimination against race or economic status. Money trumps truth. The world has never been cruel, it’s us who are so narrow minded. The artist has seen these issues of sex, religion, inequality and unrighteous use of money and power. 

The artist has seen and realized these ugly truths as he grew to the point of despair. He creates the “black hole” as a path to the world as he wants it to be. A path where he can create things that he wants to see in this real world but could never happen. He wants to present the beauty of equality and hope for people who feel hopeless and disappointed in this real world they live in.

- Gongkan




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