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We collaborate with emerging and established contemporary artists from around the world to imagine and produce limited edition art and design objects.





We challenge artists to envision their work in new dimensions by translating elements of their paintings, drawings, or prints into sculptural, 3D forms.

We are not just reproducing art. Together, we are reimagining art, increasing the accessibility of art collection, and exchanging culture and ideas by collaborating with some of the most inspiring and culturally relevant artists of our time.

Staircase  by Charlotte Taylor.

Staircase by Charlotte Taylor.

Staircase Vase  by Charlotte Taylor x UB.

Staircase Vase by Charlotte Taylor x UB.


Materiality and its displacement throughout such a process plays into the fabricated undertone of my work, shifting between digital and constructed mediums.

3D printing objects builds upon my interest In the blurring between digital and physical mediums, extending my prints into a solid state. 

- Charlotte Taylor, Artist & Designer, London, UK.



Tender Vessels.jpg


By combining modern tech and hand craftsmanship, we aim to create high quality reproductions of contemporary artists’ works in a more accessible and collectable form.

This creative process allows artists and designers to think beyond their familiar mediums, and conceptualize one-of-a-kind artworks into limited edition art objects.

The Moon Flask  by Joey Yu x UB.

The Moon Flask by Joey Yu x UB.


Our production process is filled with possibility.

From small batches of limited edition art objects to larger quantities of functional design objects, we have the technical and aesthetic expertise to transform visions of all kinds into high quality products.

Whether you are an artist, designer, or wholesaler, contact us to discuss opportunities for creative collaboration.